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Changing Is Good

«It’s good to love many things, is in this that resides the real force. Everyone who loves so much and can do so much, reaching his objectives with love, does a well done work.» ~ Vincent Van Gogh

The site has officially opened its doors on October 27, 2013. Two years and three months have passed exactly, officially. Unofficially even three years, because the site has seen the light after months and months of planning. Personally it seems to me a life and half. Welcome to the third version of what began as my personal portfolio. Each step involved a change of domination, I am a restless spirit. I’m never satisfied. But I think I have finally found my dimension. What I know for sure is that I will never stop to introduce improvements to that which in effect represents my professional life (and not only). The world of the communication is constantly evolving, just like the web design and the digital arts. You can’t stop otherwise you’re lost.

Welcome: Change is good!

What became this site? A direct window to see the world of the web (which may be design, marketing or social) from my point of view. I have never liked the blogs, I belonged to that category: Blog?! No, thank you. But simply because I was trying to adapt the blog to the “italian style” to my personal taste. Among these pages of coloured pixels you’ll not find tutorials, I’ll not try to teach people how this works or the basics of this other. I tried this time to focus myself on what I would have liked most as a site, and not on what could like at my probable customers. I am of the belief that only by doing so I could be happy and proud of my portfolio and of my blog.
This site contains both of them: it shows what I can do to my future clients, but it contains a corner where I share my way of doing and thinking. The change occasionally scares: you always know what you leave behind you, but never what you find. But this is also the beauty, the adventure, the experience of new things… This site has undergone drastic changes from its previous version, both in terms of style and in terms of contents.
I tried to valorize my strong points, and to create something that talks about me.

Mischief = Spite ~ Malice ~ Mischief.
«Playful misbehavior or troublemaking.» «Playful spiteful behavior.»

In this technological era where all take themselves too seriously, I decided to play with this name, which represents me much more than MissBlackmore (which I care to remember that will always remain in my heart).

My motto is: my passions are the solutions you are looking for.

This is because they are ten years that I surf in the web meanders, I have seen the birth and then studied the Revolution 2.0. I sighed, following the developments of the Socials, abandoning the mythical MySpace for Facebook and landing happily on Twitter.
In my thesis I talk about the Communication and how it has changed the way to promote the music, I studied the origins of the web, the mechanisms behind the advertising (and communication), I continue to update me whenever I can.
The site you’re about to browse through (hopefully) isn’t quite complete. Hey! Yes I know, it’s not from me – control freak – put online something that isn’t 100% perfect; but unfortunately I understand that I’ll NEVER reach the perfection. Especially with the rhythms that life imposes you.

So I decided to fix the most important things and then give me the time even to see where to direct further changes. Don’t be afraid if you’ll see strange things between these pages, everything is normal. Including a blue cabin of the British police of the 60s that emits a strange noise. Don’t worry, in that case he’s just arrived the doctor.

There will be surprises during the weeks, interviews, special features and much more. I have a pretty tight schedule, and I hope to maintain it without too many problems. There will be guest post from feathers of excellence, and I’ll be also hosted by sites equally special. The novelty that I love the most of this new site is the FORUM. Yes, initially created to host the Customer Service (the emails will no longer be lost in the meanders of the web), I decided to expand it in the time and add sections. The most important now is that of the “Extra Resources” in which I will put periodically links of resource sites, graphic material that I’m going to create and much more. To access them you need simply to be registered on the site.

I can only wish you a good day and we’ll meet again in the pages of this site.


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