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Creative Pro Show Seven

In this article I talked about the Creative Pro Show SIX, and I finished it by promising myself to participate compulsorily to the Seventh Edition. Yes, I did. I’ve also done both two days in Rome and the single day in Milan. And I plan to go in November to the edition in Rome. In short, I made up for lost time.
So much for moving the article, I decided to make a self-interview.

[su_heading style=”line-orange” size=”20″ margin=”15″]«It’s been five months … Why now?»[/su_heading]

I don’t know why I haven’t wrote this post before, or maybe I know it, and it’s just because from March to now I already renewed the website twice. I was very busy: for my offline life, works that people commissioned to me, and even two relocations (I wish only to my worst enemy to do two transfers and a half in less than two months, in three different towns).
I was thinking about the nth post, where I explain the reasons for which I changed again, why I cancelled the blog – better to say: resetting in a different way to implement the portfolio. It would have to be a theoretical and practical analysis of this restyle, but in the end, who would really be interested in it? I think a very few, and those in the field, if they have visited my site before, now they have already identified the reasons behind this change.
Maybe what I have to say about the Creative ProShow defeats by far any basics and logic argument behind the new site. Then, I decided that I wanted re-open with a “bang“.
(and if possible before writing the summary of THREE consecutive Creative ProShow).

[su_heading style=”line-orange” size=”20″ margin=”15″]«You have attended to this course a long time ago…»[/su_heading]

Will you remember all that you wanted to say, or have you just feel?

Although more than five months have passed from those two weekends, one thing is pretty clear: when I think again about that experience, the enthusiasm, the emotional power that they transmitted to me are still alive like a small fire that it never went out. This is synonymous with true quality not taste ephemeral that within a couple of days is diminished by fifty shades of gray-boredom.

[su_heading style=”line-orange” size=”20″ margin=”15″]«Talk about the CPS in less than 250 words.»[/su_heading]

I followed 10 supervisors. They are all big exponents of the creative parts of the modern scenario. I was able to talk to people who I never would have believed, without considering the succession of many advice directly from those who have reached the top.
Lee Howell, Eolo Perfido, Mario Sanchez Nevado, Roberto Oleotto, Tiziano Fruet, Francesco Marzoli, Marco Olivotto, Martin Biemas, Leonardo Dentico, Alessia Cosio. They are ten names that have left an imprint deep in my heart, some more, some less, they were able to touch the strings that I didn’t even know that I had so sensitive. The thing I found amazing is that, even when discussing techniques and tricks not totally suitable to me (such as photography, but I do not say it too loudly) I was however charmed from the arguments and by the tension transmitted.
The secret of every conference was simply one: there are no secrets. Only perseverance, enthusiasm, and ideas: those must not miss ever. Sometimes, following the works of these great artists we often think they hold some secret, something that, for us normal human beings, we could never have if not by sacrificing our grandmother to some deity of ancient Greece. But, no; it is not like that.
So far as luck affects, it is a matter of dedication, passion and perseverance and ideas. You live and breath all of this to the Creative ProShow. You are able to look at things with a new perspective.

[su_heading style=”line-orange” size=”20″ margin=”15″]«A value and a flaw of the CPS.»[/su_heading]

In my opinion one of the biggest advantages is the price. The CPS is the proof that the affordable price is NOT synonymous with poor quality. They manage to keep prices affordable even for those who do not have a steady job, or want to maintain an open window into the world of creative work just for hobby. This thing, in Europe it is a peculiarity; especially when you deal with international guests.
As for the flaws I’m honestly in difficulty, perhaps the thing I was slightly disappointed (so to speak) is the fact that some interventions have lasted less time than expected, both for speed of the rapporteur’s explanations, and for lack of questions from the audience – and here there is a great mea culpa. I’m one of those people quite shy at the beginning that they would not ever have a question, even though I have 100 in my head – but at the end it is not absolutely a catastrophic thing.

[su_heading style=”line-orange” size=”20″ margin=”15″]«Do you liked most Rome or Milan?!»[/su_heading]

I can’t choose. they have been two different experiences, as were the speakers. Both locations were great, except that I have to point out between the two dates: in Rome the chairs were much more comfortable. And the stupidity of this statement should show how special they were both experiences. Another difference is that in Rome I chose three interventions out of a total of six, while in Milan, all four were interesting, but this simply depends on the type of topics and from my involvement with them.
In Milan, I bother for well Martin and Emiliano (to whom I owe a lunch break, given that poor guy got stuck talking to me and my friend all the time, even a good half hour finished the workshop); so I would say overall I preferred to Milan but for reasons that are beyond the CPS.

[su_heading style=”line-orange” size=”20″ margin=”15″]«Why the Italian creatives should participate to the Workshop in November?»[/su_heading]

I believe that if you love the creative world for both business and Hobby, this kind of workshop can give you so much; and not mere explanations of technical steps, but something that goes far beyond that. Not to mention that in Italy there is often some sort of delay with respect to international technical and fashions of the moment; so participating in the CPS allows you to remain quietly in step with the times. Regardless of who will be the speakers of the next edition I will do everything possible to participate.
I have discovered many new things, and while others I took for granted, I realized they were a little more of my cultural background, and I believe that anyone can take advantage of this benefit.

[su_heading style=”line-orange” size=”20″ margin=”15″]«Conclusions?»[/su_heading]

No, I really hate them. The stock of the situation it was done during the drafting of the article, isn’t it? I often find the conclusions useless, unless you have exposed points conflicting between them. But my thought is one and only: I would like to participate to the workshop for a hundred times with the same speakers, because the air that you breathe between those four walls is totally different. It is an experience that is worth to be lived more than one time. I try to be in Rome, together with Alessia, and you’ll be there??

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