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Creative Pro Show VI

Founder: Martin Benes

Close your eyes. Just imagine two days full of famous supervisors who will transport you into the extraordinary world of Digital Imaging and Photography. Be surrounded by people who share your same passions, the desire of know always more and the enthusiasm. So take a breath and reopen your eyes. It’s not a dream or an illusion and neither a pilgrimage that compel you to cross the English Channel or worse: the ocean. It’s just at a distance of a high-speed train.

I’m talking about the Creative Pro Show.

This year it was organized on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th December in Rome.
I have known the Creative Pro Show in 2012, when it was too late to book a seat. I promised to myself to attend the one in 2013. In April I was busy with some works and I couldn’t move, so when I heard that they would make a sixth edition at the end of this year I was very happy. Unfortunately I discovered that the dates coincided with my being in London (and for this reason I don’t complain and/or I despair so much), but I’ll bend over backwards for being to the seventh edition. You guys are all witnesses.

For which reason I choose to write an article for this event? Because I consider it one of the best events that there are in circulation: not only for the moderate and amazing price but also for the fact that you have at your disposal two days in which you can find the best of the best in only one seat. There are always current topics that follow the global trends about the last innovations in the field of the Digital Imaging or Photography. They have extraordinary sponsors like Wacom, Canon, Fotolia… and much more. It’s a heap of ideas and positive energy, that helps you to psych up and to have desire to take a challenge in that wonderful world.

December 7 (Saturday): Nik Ainley – Digital Artist | Marco Olivotto – Esperto del colore | Rebeca Saray – Digital Artist e Photographer | Krunoslav Stifter – High End Retoucher
December 8 (Sunday): Leonardo Dentico – Digital Artist | Digital Area – Postproduction Agency | Gianluca Foli – Illustratore | Jontom – Imprenditore e creativo | Alessia Cosio – Retoucher | Francesco Marzoli – Retoucher

With such important names, how can you not book a ringside seat? (Please spend five minutes of your time for bask your eyes to find the masterpieces of those above-mentioned guests; they really deserve it). I would be camped there with my adored pc, waiting for the doors open and the show of creativity begins. While reading the articles related to these two days of full immersion, has jumped out a news: they have considered more the practice and not only the theory. So you go back home with the head full of ideas and also with the practical knowledges to be able to deepen them and make them yours. I think this is fantastic, don’t you? I invite you to think about it, it is a really low price for a workshop of this significance. If you can’t go for this sixth edition try to participate to the next one. Probably we could meet us. I deeply hope to dedicate to you a blog the next year in which I describe you my front-line experience.

In Italy, for me, there should be more and more often of that kind of events on these topics. We really need to have a breath of fresh air and newness. For this reason I will try to convince all my friends (who work in this field) to participate to the next edition.

And you? Have you ever participated to any edition? You’ll be in Rome? Or do you think you will participate to the next one?
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