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Events: Marianna Santoni Workshop 2

Article written by the feather of  Alessia (Starrify Design).
My partner of workshop and life.

Marianna Santoni is a determined girl, she’s really good at it. She is a Guru (with a capital G) after due consideration and such passion that she transmits to you during breakfast from the table near yours or during the courses that she gives on, in her workshops.
When we discovered her on the net, we run the risk of a big hoax just for see Carrie Been in action. The first thing that we did when we saw the word “Guru” associated with the name of Marianna was to turn up our nose suspiciously. The net is full of …… and guru-of-nothing, so after some research we decided to try and being absorbed in 8 hours of workshop full dedicated to retouch. The truth is that Marianna doesn’t tell you lies, she compares her ideas with the “big” other without fear. She has a really good knowledge on the Adobe package. She can leave you speechless.

Including Carrie Beene and Julia Kuzmenko.
Carrie Beene is one of the best in her field. She has a great agency in the heart of Manhattan and handsome profits. Her market is beyond the Italian means and yet we have learned the tricks of the trade.Carrie Beene has dealt with the main retouch and beauty topics in eight charged lessons and slides. She shared her own techniques suggesting to us the right way to follow, from the toolbox to the essential details for a good result of an absolutely terrific retouch beauty.

Julia Kuzmenko was the revelation.
She’s very young and she has the same background of anyone of us: she had a safe job in Russia, then she let everything go and she moved in Australia to study photography, that it was her dream. In 3 years she graduates in Photography school and in one year she earned an astonishing portfolio and she made his name as a good photographer. Her style is unmistakable and her “painting” touch stands out from the majority of perfect technical terms. She tries out, she attempts, she uses the web and social networks, she has a Pinterest board that make anyone envious, she photographs and works tirelessly. There’s such difference between them, and we can see that. One generation and a half shows the two different working methods. Carrie Beene has an almost fanatical method designed for a different market that can’t be compared to our market. Julia’s method is faster, modern, dynamic. She tries, she attempts and she wins. Carrie has already arrived (she’s famous yet), so she teaches and she lays the basis for something that should be a real occupation.

 Marianna’s workshops are useful for this reason.

They teach avant-garde techniques and correct basis of work that can take so far. It’s a comparison between “the greatest minds” and the ones who are becoming greatest. The techniques work and improvements are obvious. It’s related to different realities, you can expose your doubts and make your questions, you can look the works of the other participants and you can draw from their knowledge. Not only from the supervisor but only from your mate.

I want to give you an advice..
Participate at Marianna’s workshops. You always learn something and you can expose yourself, bringing home a very big techniques’ knowledge that you can test and even some notes to focalize in.

Do you want to be the best?
Learn from the best!

If you think that English is a problem, don’t worry: you can have a translator. What are you waiting for? Give yourself a workshop.
You’ll get enthusiasm, thorough examinations, new techniques and the comparison with some other people, that, as you, are following the same way.

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