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Events: Marianna Santoni Workshop

If sometimes you need to do new experiences like me, this is the right article for you. In cooperation with Alessia from Starrify Design, today we are going to tell you about our experience with Marianna Santoni workshop  Alessia focuses on the two theoretical workshops with two famous artists of the photography and retouch: Carrie Beene & Julia Kuzmenko; while I speak about the practical workshops made by Marianna.
No, don’t stick up yours nose: these workshops are really good and they load you up and they give you an incredible energy; they’re not made from random people and even with bad contents. They are days full of energy, knowledge and fun.

How I found Marianna?

Thanks to my Parochialism. In 2011 I was looking for some course or workshop in Perugia, or at least in Umbria (my region), and she appears in the first research on google. From there, I applied the “Stalking technique (obviously professionaly speaking) on some Social Networks linked to her website.
I immediately found the courses fascinating, even the photographic ones (and unfortunately I haven’t got photographic basic training, not yet). It looks me so beautiful to be true, I was almost sure that there was something that didn’t go. In 2012, almost magically appeared the notice that Marianna would host Carrie Beene (a well-known american retoucher). My first thought was to call Alessia and block her mobile phone with text messages, and to agree to come with me in Milan to attend the workshop. We started a small adventure to share with who have the passion for the graphic world. And from there is started our ritual: Attend together to all the events of Marianna.

Which courses have we attended?

As I’ve already said before, we attended some theoretical workshops with international guests; but we have also seen two practical courses: “Curves & Masks“, “Filtri. Viraggi, Cromie di Tendenza” .  (Filters, Colors and Toning).
For the one of you that like me dabble in playing with Photoshop (both professionally and amateur), “Curves and Masks” are basic and essential elements for whatever work; but I guarantee that you don’t know them as good as you think. Marianna will succeed with a few words and a lot of practice to open a wonderful world, more magical of the cabinet that leads to Narnia, more useful than the magic wands of Harry Potter. You have the possibility to bring your material and you can use it as test bed. You can even choose what kind of technique to use to reach the style that you most like.

Marianna Santoni’s workshop don’t speak just about Photoshop, rather, it is just one of the most topics: photography, color adjustment, print resolution, After Effects, and much more; find the one customized for you it will be not difficult. Whether you’re starting out or already seasoned Marianna and Gaspare will always have something new to offer.

This series of articles was created with the hope of encouraging you to attend one of these workshops, because it’s really worth. Treat yourself to this 2014: buy the ticket for some adventure that will answer many of your questions and will charge you with an enthusiasm given by those who love their job and put their heart and soul into it. You’ll meet new people with your same passions, we will compare with those who have different ideas and styles, and you will spend days full of learning and fun.
When the lesson is over and we go back home we are excited, and we look forward to work with our pc, with our Wacom  Tablet, and create, modify, retouch and adjust… We have a charge transmitted by the ones that like us love this world and try to share it with as many people as possible.

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