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Ispiration: Julia Kuzmenko


1. To add new details or touches to for correction or improvement.
2. To improve or change (a photographic negative or print), as by adding details or removing flaws.


I always loved the digital world. The first thing started from creating by myself a splinder template (an old platform for blogs, that is already closed). It was the beginning of the end. Although a start not so easy with Photoshop 7.0, and the unknown HTML codes, I’ve never gave up. In those years I found out that graphic world wouldn’t have been a random passion. In the last two years I got in touch to the world of the Digital Art, that is retouch, and in general the post-production, until the creation of book jackets.

Foto Mia & di Julia KuzmenkoA date that I will always remember is 10th November 2013, not only because I spent a week-end with my friend, but I also attended a seminary of Marianna Santoni and the guest was Julia Kuzmenko (Sito | Pagina FB). I’m not going to repeat for the third time who they are or what we have faced, but I want to say what struck me about Julia: her kindness and her availability.

During the lunch break of the seminary, Julia had the (bad)luck to sit just in front of me, and me, instead of die from the emotion – that could easily happen, because I become easily embarrassed and overwhelmed – I turned on the “self-confidence” mode and I began to talk with her. I told her how much I admire her, and that her story inspired me a lot. I even told her that California is the destination of my dreams, and that I will do everything I can to reach it. Contrary to what I thought, she didn’t stop me and she didn’t ask for a restraining order. We continued to keep in touch. She is working, together with other famous names of the Retouch and Photography, on a project called…

Retouching Accademy

This website is born from the need of create some guidelines  for all the artists who want to start learning the Art of the Retouch, and for the one  who want to study in depth this Art, by following the advice from people who work in this field from a lot of time. It offers the chance of reading free research articles , or buying e-books (some are textbooks, other are video-tutorials).

In the end of December they founded a group on facebook (that you can find here) that has over 9500 registered members from all over the world and of any kind of level. Every day people post many pictures and compositions (before and after), even though there is such a mess due to the huge number of members.
They reply almost always with a comment or a constructive disapproval. Every day they find out very good artists who can revive the inspiration with just a picture. And if you are really good, you can be chosen for appear on Fstoppers, in one of the articles written by Julia.

The very interesting thing is the “Mentorship Program” where famous names like: Michael Woloszynowicz, Photographer, Retoucher and Educator (Toronto, Canada) Lulie Talmor, High End Beauty and Fashion Retoucher (Vancouver, Canada) Conny Wallstrom, Fashion and Beauty Photographer (Gothenburg, Sweden) Rebecca Britt, Commercial & Concert Photographer, Fstoppers Writer (McAllen, Texas) Brock McFadzean, Commercial Photographer (Brisbane, Australia) – and many more that you can find on the website. They volunteer to follow some “students” for 3 weeks.

You put yourself forward in a post that they open usually at the beginning of the month by Julia, and after some days they appoint some students directly from the Artist; How does it work? You apply for through a post that Julia starts usually at the beginning of the month, and after some days the Artist appoints some students. After that, the student MUST put effort into realizing the best photographic retouch as much as he can, and the mentor has to judge it and give him a piece of advice.

At the end of the three weeks they collect all the works and they are judged by the mentors. This is an amazing opportunity, unique of its kind. I don’t know other communities that give this kind of chance. Logically you have to know English very well and you have to work very hard in those 3 weeks; otherwise you’ll only waste your time.

You should seize this opportunity and take advantage of it!

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