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Review CreativeProShow 8 ~ Infinity

I started talking about the Creative Pro Show on this site at its sixth edition. I continued with the Master Class by Tomas Muller, adding also a self-interview about the three days of the seventh edition (both Rome and Milan), concluding with this request for help on Starrify in regard to the Summit of the most dangerous minds, creatively speaking, on the international scene. Now I have a question to ask you, just because I have the terrible suspicion that I wasn’t clear enough: Did you understand if I like the Creative Pro Show or not?
Don’t worry, here is the umpteenth post that will clarify the situation.
Before we begin, or better still, after reading the article come back here and search yourself on Google: Philipp Rupprecht ~ Cristiano Rinaldi ~ Fabio Timpanaro ~ Ilya Ratman ~ Eolo Perfidious ~ Fabiola Torres ~ Yasid Oozeear ~ Armando Gallo & Marco Olivotto. They were the speakers of this eighth edition: exceptionals, aren’t they?

What I’ve learned to the CPS this year is contained in more than 10 pages of notes, but I’ll not list them to you the techniques or the tricks that I learned. Certainly you’ll find this kind of articles definitely better than what I can do. The Creative Pro Show is one of those events that explains itself. If you are a creative person who deals with Photography, Digital Illustrations or simply a Freelancer in the Web, you can’t not be excited to participate at least once.
I want to talk you about other aspects.
want to talk you about me in relation to this event, about how Saturday night I were very close to giving up the idea of being Freelancer here in Italy and how in just 48 hours all rolled over and backfired to me as if I had put my ideas into a washing machine with the centrifuge at 1200 rpm.
Having already participated at two days of CPS I was ready to the effect emotional roller coaster: where you begin enthusiastically and you arrive to be the girl image for Prozac. You see amazing works, the speakers have the gift of making even the simplest thing the more complicated, and everything seems wonderfully nice and easy. Then you return home, you relate carefully the notes… And you realize that they weren’t as simple as you thought.
Then start the paranoias, the questions that beset us – it always happens to me – day and night. Doubts and uncertainties that would eat us alive if only they could.
But the Creative Pro Show is also this.

That to which I wasn’t prepared was the ability of some speakers and some Freelancers, during the creative lounge of Saturday night, to knock at my subconscious pulling off the monsters with a lot of patience and expertise that I relegated to a small ravine, dark – and humid, because they were unsympathetic to me – of my mind.
I think there was a moment when I wanted to slam my head on the table, hard enough to leave a Selfie of Despair imprinted on it. But we were four cats, I would certainly caught their attention and I should have to explain why I was trying to dig a hole through the hall carpet.
I kept it all inside, I preferred to stay silent to ferment all those monsters who love to keep me company, because now they are affectionate to me.
(And I to them, even if I don’t know from which direction starts the Stockholm syndrome, but I think from both sides).
I even searched on Google (I recall with pleasure to my readers that it’s free, it has no character limit, and it doesn’t send you to hell if you place the most idiotic questions) the symptoms of the Bipolar syndrome, as my mood has changed in a sudden. The response was one: I wasn’t bipolar, but simply stupid.
Before that I make you delve in the meanders of the Freelancing and Italy’s problem, I wish I could dwell on another issue that frustrates me significantly the nervous system at these events: the arrogance and rudeness of some members of the public. Now, I don’t speak of the public in its entirety, I met and talked with many exceptional individuals, but as in every event worthy of respect there is always: the boor, the wiseacre, he’s the one who has to prove to be worth most than the speaker. And I say that not only for events such as the CPS but also in other workshops or conferences. There were a couple of episodes and comments in these two days that made me want to take the anti-stress ball that Martin showed us on Saturday morning and suffocate some people.

The first comment that altered me was the question “But when we can eat” made by some wag when one of the speakers, Philipp I think, had asked if anyone had questions. I have never tolerated this kind of people even in junior high, much less in an event like this, with also an international guest. Are you hungry? Great, I don’t think we were chained to the chairs, lift your butt and go out to take a sandwich.
Other comments I heard were about the “ups and downs” quality of this Creative Pro Show. It took me a while to understand the kind of comment: What they wanted to say? That all weren’t at their highest level? I don’t know what those people meant, I found all the speeches wonderful, there are some more congenial to me and others not, but because they treated topics that interest me less. But from that to judge the low level of some speakers it takes courage.
Maybe not everyone has granted magical techniques to the public, but I defy any of those present in showing their works and compare them with those of the speaker.
Humility. It needs humility. And it really needs a lot. Why criticize a speaker, or try to make him uncomfortable with questions and comments blatantly provocative, it doesn’t make sense. Are you such a small person to inflate your ego in front of an audience of your peers?

Yes, I’m categorical, and I explain it for those who perhaps weren’t there, or who were present and haven’t thought about any of this. I’m not a freelancer, not yet, I’m seriously thinking about it (and changing my mind, as you read a few lines above), and when episodes like these listed happen I wonder just one thing: to have a successful career, have their own photographic studio or an agency or simply accumulating years as freelancer behind their makes all the people haughty?
The answer is no, it depends very much on the nature of the person. Because I had to deal with great artists, not only the participants to the CPS concerned, and they are all lovely and available people, they are the firsts that teach you that to be humble is a talent not to underestimate. I imagine that some of you turn up their noses at my affirmations, but in the end if you aren’t agree there are two ways to resolve the issue: write a comment and explain to me your vision of the thing, or click the little red X upper right (if you have Windows, otherwise on the left) and continue with your life.
Aside from these small flaws, which are just a few pixels burned in a 70″screen, I can now concentrate on the thing that instead I loved most. The fact that these two days have overturned fully my beliefs, putting again at stake elements that I reported missing, forcing me to feel that shiver down the back of who faces again a new path. Other possibilities that I thought lost or unsuitable.
I don’t know if you understood it: I’m a person who think and rethink to the things a thousand times. I analyse them up to break them down into small parts and then reassemble them. This process isn’t a single cycle. I have schemes, lists, studies, articles and even books. When I like something and I’m passionate about it, I study it till the drop. And that’s what prompted me to create sites, use Photoshop and learn about the Web. And many other things.
Firstly I would to thank Cristiano Rinaldi who opened the CPS dispelling one of the many myths that exist today: to be a specialist in just one thing. In this era of change, where the communication is changed, the times shortened and the distances disappeared, it’s no longer possible to claim the level of specialization that there was years ago. Not in terms of knowledge but in terms of carrying capacity radius. A photographer was just a photographer, now at least must also be a retoucher and sometimes even a graphic designer. And so a Digital Artist must broaden their skills and stay ahead with the times. This thing struck me in an impressive manner. I always felt myself narrow in the classical conception that the spin doctors don’t exist, and when you unsheathe more than one ace in your sleeve immediately you start not only to make you a thousand problems, but you are afraid to fall into the category of those who are all smoke and no fire. Personally I have always felt myself called in the question when someone spoke about the argument. In more than ten years I was able to accumulate experiences and knowledges that today are helping me a lot.
I loved all the interventions, some more than others but simply because they aren’t lined up with what I do or I would do. The interesting thing about an event like this is to be able to reap the best, even by those who work in a totally different context from yours. It helps you to have a 360° overview of everything that is the creative artistic universe.
This year, the thing that struck me most was the message conveyed by the various speakers. The basis is always the same: perseverance in pursuing this career and their own personal style. In this edition there was a breath of fresh air, because what I understood is also to skip the technique and follow your instinct. Because sincerely your heart is open and your head is full of ideas when you see Fabiola Torres that creates masterpieces with hardly know the technical side, without an equipment of billions of euro, and she can realize photos of high fashion that many can only try to copy without success. Her intervention was the one which most upset me. She took all of us with our backs to the wall and she showed that you don’t need to hide yourself behind courses, behind the technique or behind other excuses. You simply must to act, and with the experience of the famous ten thousand shots become masters of what you want to do. Her words, her story and her way to work have left me a fire inside that still burns ardently. The same thing said Fabio Timpanaro (among other things Alessia and I are already in the forefront for another his eventual workshop): only producing many illustrations one after another you can refine your technique and find your own style. In addition he’s an exceptional person, who when I told him “I stalked you – professionally speaking – on any possible social network”, he turns to me, smiles and says ‘I do the same with the artists that I like’.

A novelty introduced this year was the “Creative Lounge” on Saturday night, where we were offered a buffet with lots of soft drinks by the Staff, where it played a kind of “Q & A” between Freelancers. Where some people with years of experience behind them have treated very important topics. Painting an italian framework which is much more similar to Picasso’s Guernica compared to some landscapes of Manet or Monet. A situation that I never liked, mainly because it’s sufficient put your nose out of Italy to understand that there are sometimes more opportunities with a bureaucracy that doesn’t choke you and doesn’t change every six months. I’m not intervened, I had not much to say, but I have listened everything carefully, and I’m thinking about it for over a week. And one of the questions that I asked myself at the end of the evening was: but I really want to do the Freelancer?

The answer isn’t yet obvious, but these two days have really put a lot of new things at stake, on which a reflection is required.

The only part that really made me smile was the intervention of the boys of StopDown Studio who have a wonderful technique to create networking and new hooks: to bother the speakers, to talk with them, to not be afraid and to have the cheek. A working philosophy that immediatly inspired me, that deviates by what I would do, timid who would prefer to interosculate herself with the wallpaper rather than annoy people. But I understand perfectly the logic behind what they said, and I’ll begin to do the same. Because basically behind an exchange of ideas or simple behind small talks it can born something incredible.

In concluding this brief and synthetic report, I can do no more than renew my love and enthusiasm for the event, and wait anxiously for the ninth edition. And finally thank all the staff who as always has done an outstanding job for both days.

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