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Review: Fabio Timpanato’s Workshop

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Fabio Timpanaro Workshop

I think that this was one of the workshops I’ve waited/wanted most in the world. I don’t think that Fabio Timpanaro needs any introduction, not in this blog… Anyone who follows me knows I’m his big fan, especially of the magnificent works he’s doing with the zodiac signs.
The topics discussed have been several, also considering the impressive speed with which Fabio can explain, a speed worthy of any university professor, that makes you slide the pen on the paper and almost let you a burned sign.
I highly recommend for this kind of workshop not to bring the PC, but to arm yourselves with working pens and at least a notebook where you can take notes.
With the computer you always risks to be left behind on the explanations, or worse, to not remember them once you leave the classroom. Instead, with the notes you’ll always have all the notions, and when you’ll be at home you’ll devote to the practice all the time at your disposal.
What I love about a workshop is the relationship that you can also establish with the rapporteur, Fabio in this case, is an exquisite person: he always answers to messages – even those delirious full of questions and comments almost meaningless – he really cares to make you understand his point of view and how he sees the world… I admit to being biased, now for me the events branded CPS are meeting places to which I never want to miss.
In addition for me it was an excellent investment, always remember this aspect too: anyone who wants to start a career in this industry can not afford to ignore similar events, where in a matter of hours you can understand much more than you expected.
They are events that change the perspective of seeing the world, for one day you see the world through the eyes of a person who is in the field, who creates compositions of incredible images and who is willing to share his secrets with you, sons of years of experience and attempts.

  1. Value for money: You’ll not find cheaper prices. The courses are always taught by leading figures of the Digital Imaging view both italian and international. The price more than affordable also allows you to be able to consider a transfer out of town. Rome at the end is one of the Italian cities with more ..
  2. Career opportunities: they are taught tricks and techniques available immediately, you only need to know how to deepen and make them their own with hours of practice (after the course). The topics discussed are always updated according to the latest industry
  3. Possibility to interact with the supervisor: you have to put aside the shyness and fill with questions the supervisor. You must never be afraid to ask them. If you’re shy people, I recommend you to do a nice written list and then pass it to someone of the staff or one ofyour friends, because every held question on the tip of the tongue is a missed opportunity.

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