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This is the first part of the article, here will list all sites Free Photo stock. This article contains a guide to extricate itself in the choice of images for your site, blog or graphic works. A list of sites where you can download for free their photos. Also useful tips on what you can or cannot do.

In this era of bloggers, where tumblr took over alongside other websites, where sharing pictures is a daily practice, often we forget that not always we can use whatever we find in the network (on google and ther search engine). The web is very huge, but there are some exact rules that must be respected. I have often seen people taking images from google, or weheartit and even from tumblr… And then use them in their posts, in their facebook pages, or sites, without – obviously – specify the origin. Images aren’t for your own use. I’ve heard about professionals who said “Just put the keyword on Google and you find all the images that you want. It’s a piece of cake”; this is the actual philosophy of everyone. They don’t know that copyright is not only for texts but it extend to images and to all on-line files.

Never take it for granted that if you find an image through search engines, is without copyright.

How many times while researching graphic material you’ve discovered those sites that expose the resources collective (titles like ‘The Ultimate Free Brush Collection’, ‘500 Styles for Free’, ʻEvery kind of images for freeʼ) and you have a definitive list of links where downloading those resources.

Just because it’s free you can’t use how and wherever you want. You must always control the licence of the image.

Free = I do whatever I want. Many of those websites report to graphic resources downloaded free of charge. Sometimes they don’t have a commercial licence (that is you can’t use them in works that you will sell to third part), and in works that you print and give out (free or not).

The most websites that I will link below, offer free material even for works that then you can sell. They often require the quotation of the creators through a link in credits section. On the contrary in the search engines you could find photos that can’t be modified (derivative works). You have to take care of these things. They are small attentions that can make the difference. Wouldn’t you feel insulted if someone took your  works without permission, recognitions and if they mistreat your works and finally they sell it? I believe so.

[divider]Some Tips[/divider]

Before leaving you to the list of more than 30 websites where (following the indications) you can easily download photos and use them as much as you like; I would like you to reflect on these points. They are some suggestions to follow to improve your projects and exploiting the images.

  • When putting in the keywords of your search in the site, remember that English words will get more results than the Italian one.
  • Leaf through the last page. Just because an image is in the last corner to the right doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be the one that suits you.
  • Before buying an image, check in the possible ‘Free’ section of the website if there is an image that can be good for you
  • Choose original photo. Don’t use clichè photo. You speak about the peace in the world? Good! Go on to the classic image of a hug, or about two hands shaking, or the earth surrounded by people shaking hands (whithout resulting in the abstractionism).
  • If you have a graphic website or blog, choose images with high resolution. They cost a little bit more (just few cents) but  they make your posts/works clearly better, without giving the impression of having done a superficial work.
  • If you have any technological devices : mobile phone, smartphone, camera or reflex, try to take a shot by your own.

Stock Photo Free List

Commercial License

| Free Media Goo | Free Photos Bank | Free Range | Free Stock Photo | Image Base | Little Visuals | Morgue File | PicJumbo | Pixabay | Pixel Perfect Digital | Photogen | Photo Everywhere | Photo Rack | Public Domain Photo | RGB Stock | Stockpholio | SXC | Stock Free Images | Unprofound | Unsplash |

Personal License

| Historical Photo | Nasa | PdPhoto | Stock Vault | Woophy |

Variable Licenses

| Free Digital Photos | Free Pixels | Open Photo | Stick Stock |

I recommend, most of these sites,  independently from the licence that  they offer for the images, they require the linkback (that is to be mentioned in the credits section).

Did you know all of these websites?
Or do you know any other free one? Leave me a comment!

[Resource List] A Complete e uprated periodically list of all the graphic resources.

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