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Stock Photo Free (pt.1)

In later years, sites that offer images with fee are increased and multiplied. They create a working competition between them that allows to the consumers to be able to grab some image (even HD) without mortgaging their homes, or sell their grandmother on the black market.  I managed to collect more than thirty sites that offer this kind of service fee, and for everyone I studied rates, subscriptions, the quality and quantity of the images that they have. I even created patterns with the summary of the characteristics of each sites, which I will not reproduce for avoid to bother you to death, but they have allowed me to be able to divide the sites into three categories:

“The Recommended” or those with the best value for quantity, quality and price. “Last hope” They are cheaper but often have a limited choice. “Mirages” high prices, unreal conditions, and photos of the niche.

When you compare the different sites, please be careful to the methods of subscription. They can mislead… Let me give an example: From Depositphoto you can purchase the image via credits (100 credits cost $ 95 and we buy from 25 to 10 photos depending on the resolution ), otherwise have a monthly offer that with ‘ only ‘ $ 69 you can download 5 files per day for 30 days. Fantastic: doing the math you buy 150 photos , five times that with credits . But … Are you sure that you know which pictures buy all 30 days? Do you really need those pictures or you’d end up downloading those who presumably think they can serve , and then leave them in a corner of the computer? So when you will be evaluating which site to subscribe, let us carefully. Some of the sites do not offer the Royality Free ( What are they? Read it here) , but they only have temporary concessions , and the prices change depending on the use that you make of that photo (if you will use it online , such as posters or flyers to be printed etc. etc.) .

Stock Photo Sites

The Best

| 123 RF | Big Stock Photos | CanStock Photos | CutCaster | Depositphoto | Dreams Time | Fotolia | Image Vortex | Ingimage | iStockPhoto | Master Life | People Images | Photodune | Photo Express | Photos | PixMac | Shutterstock | StockLib | Stock Fresh | Veer |

The Alternatives

Acclaim Images | Alamy | Blend Images | Corbis Images | Getty Images | Glow Images | Images Source | Inmagine | Jupiter Images | Punchstock Photos | Stock Photo | Think Stock Photos | VivoZoom |

Other Site

| CreStock Photos | ImageGate | Matton | Photocase | Photozmania | Reflex Stock | Stocked Photos | Stockxpert |

I’ve found another site (here) that compares the “best” 10 sites that offer images fee. It’s useful, but restrictive, because there are other good sites that they’ve been ignored.

From my search I discover that however with a low expense of 70€ (90/100$) you can have 20/40 pictures, and I considered the high quality, that is from L up. Obviously if you want to buy low resolution photos you can have then some.

Did you know all of these websites? Or do you know some other with fee?
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