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The Devotion to the Project

Today I want to talk about a subject that is particularly close to my heart: the devotion that one has towards one’s own project.

Before we get to the heart of the speech I would like to make a short introduction.
My site is on-line from a little more than three years, it has been transformed more times than I would admit, I decided that I had to be the first cavy of myself.

Initially it was a section of »Everything Changes, my main domain: where I collected all my graphic works and passions. I then started to get interested in the indexation, and to understand that no, it wasn’t the best way to get the right visibility. So I decided to buy a second domain and to change the name, so it was born MissBlackmoreDesign… With whom I began to have the first bloggers customers, and to grow professionally. The publication was relatively constant, I have obtained fairly good results despite not applying any SEO strategy: no backlinks, absolutely zero link building and no promotional strategies on the social networks. I had to devote my time to the customers, putting aside the ‘blog’ thing in a few haggard and standoffish posts in time, beginning to understand much better the actual mechanisms behind its online presence. Mischief Idea, the site on which you are reading this post, is anything but the final product, it’s simply the third step of my research, the final one, is a next-generation WorkInProgress.

Every fibre of me – perfectionist, which leads almost in a first level of OCD – is rebelling to the decision to put an unfinished site online: imperfect in every single aspect, but I also know that it’s a necessary condition to move forward in my long-term project.
For example: there are parts of the theme that work badly and which I have to rebuild almost from scratch, and I have to do this for both the Italian and English version. And speaking of bilingual, at the second miss contents that I have yet to translate.

Generally, the questions that are asked to me (And I admit, which I ask myself very, very, very often) are:
• Why did you put it online? • Why did you do all these attempts? •

Because the foundations of this site are right, I only need to beautify the front and fix some interiors. The rest is here and is good. I need a site to show to the future clients, I need a creative relief valve – the blog – that allows me to share my thoughts, but especially sometimes to answer to the continuous customer requests. I want to be able to build this site even with the help and the considerations of third persons, in order to succeed to give the best.
The attempts and the changes to which I subjected
myself and the site were simply the result of my desire to understand the functioning of the web, to be able to extrapolate from numbers and data, something concrete with which to have a future comparison. It wasn’t pleasant to reset all my goals on GA and SC when I changed from MissBlackmoreDesign to MischiefIdea, to see go down the permanence of the site from 3 minutes to 30 seconds, and rise the bouncing rate from 25% to 95%. But I had to do it, because I had already studied what happened when you kept the same stats but you changed the name. I needed to know the effects of an almost complete change: name, domain, structure of the contents. I know that there are many discussion forums, I read a lot of them, but I needed to see it all with my own eyes.

In these three years of tests, observations and analysis, of works for clients and study, I grew up, I learned and discovered things that will help me in the future. I met fantastic people, I shared incredible professional experiences. I realized in what I was wrong and where I could improve. I finally started to believe in myself, and in my vision, which sometimes differs from that of the rest of the world.
For about five months I had the fortune to collaborate with Alessia, I played in the house and I asked her to be my guinea pig for a few months, we both have the same goal: to improve the performances of her online site, being able to see and understand things that weren’t going well, those who instead worked and maybe the changes we can make. The thing that genuinely surprised me is the patience and the devotion that Alessia devotes to her site, and to our collaboration. The satisfaction of seeing the first results is amazing, being able to understand what’s really effective and what is not is priceless.
Not even Mastecard in hand and a shopping center in front of you could equal the feeling.

I also discovered that’s what you need: total dedication and willingness to cooperate, or rather to be able to understand that the suggestions given are not criticisms, and the attempts made to improve the site even if they don’t give you the desired results aren’t wasted time. I’m sure that with some customers I had, or people who have contacted me to ask informations and opinions all of this would have been impossible, because even ready to overturn brick by brick their work in search of an improvement. And it’s right in this way, because when you are ready for the change you are also more willing to accept the opinion of the person on which we entrust; and isn’t entirely obvious as thing. I met people who paid me for a job, they asked me what they should do to improve, and then they continued on their way without listening me because they weren’t ready. I firmly believe that you can’t force people to do what you consider right, they should have the desire to do it, to try to change.

The recipe that I’m working on needs fundamental ingredients such as: time, passion, perseverance and a touch of madness (This, at least for me, is the basic ingredient of the life). You have to really believe in what you do and in your own abilities to be able to pick up on a different step and begin an impervious climb.

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