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I have finally succeeded. After months of work, almost a year of planning (I’m a little bit punctilious), these pages came to life. My little piece of web, where I will share with you my biggest passions: all innovations and tecniques concerning the Web Design, so that you can be always updated; tricks and advice on how take advantage of the resources that we find on the web, precise techniques for reaching your aim, the secrets of Photoshop, the magnificence of WordPress, and more again.


A little introduction of myself is compulsory. My name is Giuditta (Judy) and I’m a 26 year old girl with the head and the thoughts entirely based on the magic world of the web design. Everything I know about graphics and codes I owe it to my curiosity and desire to understand how things work. I’m proudly self-taught; I followed the evolution of the web till 2.0, from HTML and CSS to HTML5 and CSS3. I’ve gone from static websites to the flash animated ones, till the fading of that technique and I saw the birth of JavaScript and the JQuery. I saw the evolution of the sites with every communication means: computers, tablets and (smart)phones. I attend to the everlasting change from 3D and Flat design, I know Google Analytics and I see it evolve itself over the years and became a key element in the development of websites. I know all that, by following many blogs of other web designers, or famous programmers who have never hesitated to divulge their ideas and discoveries. Concerning the graphic, the way is started when there was the sixth version of Photoshop and my process is being eased from the nonstop born of tutorial sites. I had the fortune to be approached to the right direction from people who have always explained to me that a constructive disapproval can count more than a hundred compliments.

I have a degree in “Advertising Technique”, my course gave me the possibility to improve the writing technique, giving to me also the working tools for help my future clients with ad hoc Marketing plan of action, for their needs. I hope to share all this with you. So, if you have any questions, curiosity, or you want some clarifications on everything in those ranges, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment or to use the contact form. Even for a greeting, a disapproval or why not… Just a compliment.

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