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When Something Goes Wrong

When Federica contacted me, and she explained to me the situation, I accepted the assignment with a bit of reserve. I had never seen a situation so complicated, in many years of websites creation. Above all because the creation and the management of that site was made by too many people, and everyone have used his own style and different ways.

Before going into this work I just want to present this short preface….

Usually to have a website on WordPress, you need to have three things: a domain, a database MySql and WordPress, after that you have all the necessary requirement to get a useful and well-functioning website.
Wordpress is a CMS (Content Management System), that literally means: the system for the management of the contents. It allow you to manage your website completely from the app: the graphic, multimedia and written contents. If you have Aruba as host, my advice is to buy the linux subdivision and not the Windows one; don’t be mistaken with the operating systems, it doesn’t matter if you have the one or the other; On Linux (Aruba) you can have the possibility to install more applications. WordPress is the most utilized platform together with Joomla, and you can find a lot of free themes that can be installed o even themes to buy. While the ‘Ordinary’ Management (updating threads, and contents pages) is very easy to use, almost intuitive, the ‘Extraordinary’ Management requires HTML&CSS3 programming knowledges and also a little bit of php. I will never suggest to a newbie to start creating websites in WordPress.

Even I, after 6 years of use of the platform, I started just now to create themes, but I can consider myself capable in the adjustment of the current themes and in the management, as best I can, of the contents.

The Situation

When Federica gave me the access to her domain I was not surprised at all to see that she no longer had the ability to enter and use its website. She had not only bought a Host both on Windows and on Linux, and they had installed in every host a wordpress, but to be able to operate, the two sites were connected to a third one, thus creating a network of three sites that even now I have to understand how they did this.
From the main wordpress she run the news of the blog, so all the updates, from the Windows partition she run the portfolio, so the photos, while the contents of the static pages were handled by the remaining wordpress. This created not only conflicts but also a great difficulty to update the site, which theoretically should be a very simple thing.
The only right thing, made by the same Federica, was to trust in BackUp Buddy, a pay-plugin which can really save the life, and she managed to save some threads and part of the static pages of the site.

The Solution

I found myself having to recover a photographic portfolio from ruins scattered around a domain with double partition. I saved, calmly, all the photographic material through the ftp, moving it into the Linux partition, the one that I would use to recreate the site. After cleaning well a database folder, I installed a new version of wordpress, I imported the file of the plug-in and then manually all the photographic material; and always manually, I changed the Url to all the pictures (having changed both host, from windows to linux, and also the name of the main folder of wordpress, the pictures, even if they are uploaded correctly, they wouldn’t be displayed).

Once that I published the whole site, erased all the old material both on the domain and on the mySql database, I was able to give to Federica a well-functioning portfolio, with some structural improvements and the plug-in. She spared the payment of a double host that was totally useless. Delivering this finished work filled me up with joy, not only Federica could finally enjoy the beauty of a site (wordpress) working perfectly, but it made me realize that with a bit of intelligence and determination, even the worst situations can lead to positive outcomes.

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